UMCOR School Kit Changes

Theresa Graham has asked us to share the following information with you and please pass on to your Local Units:

UMCOR has recently updated the requirements for the Relief Supply Kits. This year the Texas Conference United Methodist Women are assembling School Kits the instruction for assembling these kits have changed. Originally we were required to put the materials in a Cloth Bag. The instructions have changed to place the materials in a re-sealable (2 gallon Zip Lock Bags) bag and seal. Please note if you have already assembled kits in Cloth Bags they will be accepted.

Additional Changes: June 1, 2018-

There has been changes to the School Kits list by UMCOR as of May, 2018.  Please note they only want one subject notebooks, one pack of loose-leaf paper (100-200 sheets) and cloth bags or no longer require.   Put the kits in a 2 gallon zip lock plastic bag, and $1.00 per kit and packed in a box.  DO NOT put money or checks in with the kits, put in an envelope.   Write the following on the envelope:  District Name, Unit Name, Number of kits and amount enclosed.

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