Mission u 2018: Embracing Wholeness Study

Embracing Wholeness: An Earth Perspective for Covenantal Living

Spiritual Growth Mission Study: 2018

Leader: Rev. Lisa Beth White

July 21, 2018
Study Registration: $105.00
The 2018 Spiritual Growth Study, Embracing Wholeness is the second in a two-part series about covenantal living. Part 1, Living as a Covenant Community by Evy McDonald explores the scriptural definitions covenant in order to bridge these definitions with their application and their implications for the modern church. Part 2, Embracing Wholeness is designed to build on this work it explores the ways God has called us to live in covenantal relationship with all of creation and challenges readers to work toward stronger and healthier relationships with creation, their communities, themselves, and God. Chapter 1 begins the text with the theological and biblical foundation for our covenantal relationship with creation and moves forward into our community, our relationships, and our very selves. Each chapter explores both our personal and corporate responsibilities to those around us and addresses current issues, such as climate change, social responsibility, and justice concerns.

Stonecypher (study author) is a United Methodist deacon in ministry with God’s creation seeking to bring wholeness and dignity to people, plants, animals, and the land, which others deem unworthy of care. She is the Abbess and a founding member of the Wesleyan Order of Saint Francis, a religious order called to live faithfully in solidarity with the marginalized, voiceless, and undervalued members of God’s creation through the lens of Wesleyan and Franciscan theology. Committed to ministry rooted in her place, Jessica lives in her hometown of Zanesville, Ohio, where she serves as the urban agriculture specialist at Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District and the farm manger of marketing and administration at her family’s cattle farm.



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