2021-2022 Slate of Conference Officers

Dear United Methodist Women of the Texas Annual Conference,

​Do hope you are all well and coping with the many changes that this virus has brought to your lives.  In keeping with “we’ve never done it this way before”, I wanted to share with you about the officer election process for the Fall Meeting.  The meeting will be held virtually on October 10.  More details on how this will occur is coming to you later.  We will be electing new officers for the conference, and the slate is included below.

​Please note that we WILL NOT be nominating from the floor at October 10th meeting.  However if after reading the slate proposed by your nominating committee you wish to propose an additional nominee, you must do so by September 30.  All “floor nominations” MUST be sent to the Chair of the Nominating committee, Mary Brown, by email (mruthbrown@gmail.com) or by calling her at 903.721.1187.  If you have an additional nominee, please make sure they are eligible to serve and approve of having their name entered into the process.  Any questions can be forward to Mary Brown at the email or phone number listed.



Mary Brown, Committee on Nominations, Chair


2021-2022 Slate of Officers Proposals from Nominating Committee

President:  Carolyn Milby–
            Carolyn is from Central North District and attends John Wesley UMC.  Carolyn has been an officer in her local unit and served as Social Action and President in her district.  She served one term as Vice President of the Conference.  Carolyn is active in her church’s Women’s Ministry, is a Bible study leader; delivers meals on wheels, and member of various groups through her church.  She is a retired office manager of a insurance agency.
Vice President: Krystal West
            Krystal is from the Southeast District and Krystal is president of her local UMW Circle.  She has served as Social Action Coordinator of her district.  Krystal has served as Social Action Coordinator and Education and Interpretation Coordinator for the Conference.  She has been volunteer coordinator and member of the Planning Team of the World Federation of Methodist.  She is also part of the Anti-Human Trafficking Team of the Texas Conference.  Krystal is a Certified Spiritual Director- Certified in Spiritual Formation.  She is a retired nurse.
Secretary: Corliss Walker
         Corliss is from the Southwest District and is a member of Covenant Glen UMW.  She has been active in her local unit and served as interim Spiritual Growth Coordinator for her district.  She has been Conference Secretary for the 2019-2020 term.  She is active in her church working with Vacation Bible School and crafts for the children’s ministry.  She is retired from work for a major oil company and spends in her time with crafting endeavors and gardening.
Treasurer:  Kathy Aubin  —
             Kathy is currently Central South District President.  She was District Treasurer 2015-2018.  She is proficient in Excel and knowledgeable of District Treasurer website.  She has been active in her unit and circle for 20 years holding most offices. She has attended Conference events including mission U.  Prior to retirement Kathy was Project/Client Manager of a Human Resources Consulting Organization. 

Education and Interpretation:  Kathy Kraiza
           Kathy is a Deaconess.  She worked for UMCOR in Baldwin, La for 10 years; for Justice for Our Neighbors in Houston as executive director for 2 year.   She has been President and Vice President in her local unit.  Prior to her work at UMCOR, Kathy was a Photographic officer in the US Navy for 22 years; on the staff of a UMC for 4 years.  She has participated in the UMC in three Conferences: Washington, Louisiana; and Texas.  She is currently working with the Census.

Membership Nurture and Outreach:  Gwendolyn Young Mason
Gwen comes to us from Central South District and is a member of Westbury UMC in Houston.  Gwen has served in her local unit and also in her District (as President and Secretary).  Her most recent service has been as Chair of the Conference Nominating Committee.  Gwen is a Certified Lay Servant as a Lay Speaker and currently as a Lay Minister.  She has been employed as a paralegal for 28 year and as a hospice chaplain for 6 years.  Gwen is an avid mission team member locally, nationally, and internationally including an Ubuntu trip to Cambodia.  She is a world traveler with plans to continue those adventures.

Spiritual Growth: Lana Bowsher-
           Lana is from the Central North District and a member of Rose Hill UMC.  She has been a member of United Methodist Women for 50 years as she began with her mother in Ohio.  Lana has been active in her local unit and was one of the organizers of that unit.  In her district she has been Spiritual Growth and Communications.  She has served the conference as Communications and Resource Management Coordinator.

Social Action:  Theresa Graham
         Theresa is from the South District and attends CrossRoads UMC.  Theresa has served in her local unit and as President and member of Nominations in the South District. Vice President and Spiritual Growth in the Southwest District. Theresa has served as Education and Interpretation and 2019-2020 term as Social Action.  Related to her UMW positions she has been involved with Mission u and the intraconference committee for Legislative Event.  She has served as an administrative assistant, claims administrator and resident coordinator.  She has many skills needed in administrative jobs.

Program Resources:  Debra Wroblewski –

Debra may be known to you as a registrar for Conference UMW events.  She has been involved in many offices in her local unit. She has served in the District as Secretary, Program Resource Management, and on the committee on nominations.   Prior to moving to Texas,  Debra served as church secretary, taught Sunday School, and was Summer Bible School director in her Illinois church.

Communication:  Kennidi Bowsher

           Kennidi is from the Central North District and a member of John Wesley UMC.  She has served as Communication Coordinator for the 2019-2020 term.  She is a website designer and experienced in graphic design, video, social media and has many tech related skills.



Chair of Committee on Nominations:  Judy Barker
          Judy is from the Central North District.  She has been active in her local unit. She served as social action coordinator in her district and attended Mission U as well and Spring and Fall Conference meetings.  She has regularly participated in Legislative Events in Austin.  She worked as administrative assistant to the owner of a construction business and owned a business cleaning computer reels for several years.  She has also worked for Continental Airlines and for Carnival Cruise Lines. Judy lives in Spring and is currently on the Conference Nominating Committee.

Nominations:  2024   Carolyn Parker
            Carolyn is from the Northwest District and attends First UMC, Palestine.  She has been active in her local unit and has served as President and Education and Interpretation Coordinator in the Northwest District.  In the Texas Conference she has served as Secretary, Coordinator of Education and Interpretation, and Secretary of Program Resources.  She has also served in the appointment position as administrative assistant for the Conference also.  Carolyn is a retired Registered Nurse.

2024—Lillian C. Rogers Martin – Central South District.  Trinity UMC.  Lillian has been active in her local unit and served on the Nominating Committee of her district. She is retired from Gulf/Chevron after 34 years of employment.  Her last position was Non-operating Auditor.  She is currently part-time Office Manager at Trinity UMC.  She has many talents that can be used on the nominating committee.  She has been active in the general church as well as United Methodist Women.

                        2022-(filling an unexpired term) Lisa Davis— South District.  Attends Windsor Village UMC.  Lisa has been active in her local unit and has been on committee on nominations and Social Action Coordinator on the district.  She has a BBA in finance and was an account Representative at ATT.  Lisa has attended Legislative Event in Austin; is a member of a public service sorority; a mentor in a girl’s mentoring program; and on the planning committee for Women of Windsor.


Continuing members of Nominating Committee:  Vernita Jackson, Lynna Wright, Sandra Crockett

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