Fall Festival Schedule of Events

Fall Festival Schedule Below is the basic schedule for this coming weekend’s events. FRIDAY: Registration (Roy Hall) 3p-5p 150 Birthday Celebrations (St. Luke’s Hall) 5:30p Blessing of Food 6pm 6:30p PS 100 Band, Games, and much more. SATURDAY: Greet The Day (Peace Chapel) 7:30a Breakfast (Overnight Guest) 8a Service Center Opens (Roy Hall) 8a Registration…

UPDATED: 2018 Conference Nominations List

The Nominations Committee has been preparing a slate of officers for the Fall 2018 Elections. The Conference Nominations Committee has held telephonic meetings and communicated by email on multiple occassions nominating, discussing, praying, voting, nominating and voting on ladies until we developed the slate that we present tonight. I thank Doris Woodland, Marcia Butcher, Ashley…

Fall 2018 Newsletter is Out Now!

Our Fall Newsletter is out, if you didn’t get the email you can view it now right at this link: https://mailchi.mp/5e4cff52bd6e/by22umgsp9-1948713

Fall Festival Registration Open

Fall Festival Registration is now open. You can pay by credit/debit card online or mail in a check. CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR REGISTRATION PAGE

Mission u 2018 Schedule

THURSDAY: 3p – 5p Registration 6p – Dinner in Great Hall   FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 7:30a – 8:30a Registration and Breakfast  in Coffee Shop 8:30a – 8:45a Gather in Song in Great Hall 9:45a – 10a Announcements 9:15a – noon Worship & Plenaries in Great Hall 12:15 – 1p Lunch 1:15p – 4:45p Study 6p…