Calendar of Events


Mission u * July 20-21 Lakeview

Conference Program Planning Meeting August 18 TBA

Wesley Community Luncheon September TBA

Conference Leadership Team Meeting September 14 Lakeview

Fall Festival Friday Event * September 14 Lakeview

Fall Festival/Annual Meeting * September 15 Lakeview

Conference Program Meeting September 15-16 Lakeview

Leadership Development Days November TBA

*Registration forms will not be mailed. The form will be in on the website . To request that a form be mailed to you contact Lana Bowsher at 832-495-8273 or your district president.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Betty Farrar says:

    Where can I find information on the School of Christian Mission at Lakeview in July?


    1. txconfumw says:

      If your looking for information on Mission U? We have posted it on the front page of the site. Also information is in the Spring Flier being sent out!


  2. Cynthia Butler says:

    It would be so nice if you would publish a 2017 schedule, at least for January-March


  3. Carolyn Milby says:

    If we are having Fall Celebration in September at Lakeview – when will information be available? Or perhaps I am not searching the correct site!?


  4. Sarah Tunnell Clark says:

    Is the schedule for Spring Celebration available on line? It would be helpful to know the times to arrive.


    1. txconfumw says:

      Yes going to post now


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