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A Future With Hope for Another 150 Years! (President)
Paulette Moore-Hall


This class offers an overview of the United Methodist Women Leadership Responsibilities of the President. We are women with a PURPOSE engaged in God’s mission. Join us as we explore ways to organize for growth and encourage others to join United Methodist Women, a welcoming place to nurture our faith, experience community fellowship and to engage in mission. Leave equipped to be bold and courageous for the journey in mission, impacting the lives of women, children and youth.

(Vice President)
Carolyn Milby

The Vice President is responsible for the guidance of the Leadership Team for planning and implementing programs and events to strengthen mission and fulfill the purpose of United Methodist Women. All duties are in coordination with the President. With prayer and support of the Program team, we hope to promote the Sisterhood of Grace and instill hope for the future.

Why Do We Pledge? (Treasurer)
Margarett Goodson

Why do we pledge? Do we have to have a budget? An Audit? How is our money spent? How do I get a gift in memory card? How are the funds for Call to Parer & Self-denial used? Is there a way that I can give to UMW after I am gone? Now, just what is the Legacy Fund? I am a new Unit/District Treasurer- What do I do now? How do we send funds for a special project? What reports do I need to send in and to who? These are all questions that you would ask the Treasurer of our Conference. Come to our session and you will either get answers or find out where to go to get the answers. Hopefully, you will learn some new things!

Pen, Paper or Computer? (Secretary)
Corliss Walker

As the keeper of documents and the ability to provide an answer at a minutes notice, that is the secretary of every UMW district and unit. For the new secretaries, we will be learning new skill sets, for those who have put pen to paper before, a refresher is good for all, let’s share. As the gatekeeper of documents, let’s learn and share tips, tricks and other things we need in order to maintain the history of our units and districts for the future UMW members.

(Spiritual Growth)
Mattie Ordaz

As a community of women United Methodist Women strive to follow Christ’s teachings to do acts of love, justice, and mercy.
During our time together we will review the role and responsibilities of the Spiritual Growth Coordinator by understanding and communicating the connection between personal spiritual development and mission, equip women to engage in and lead biblical, theological and doctrinal study utilizing many different resources.

Leader Seekers, He may be calling, that may be you (Nominations)
Dorris Woodland

Nominees for the committee on nominations shall be elected for a period of a four year term.(serving 2 terms of 2 years ) this does
not serve as tenure.No member may hold an office beyond the local unit. Members must study to know the duties and responsibilities
of each office. Represent the membership of the conference in age and ethnic background in all diversity.Work with district chairpersons
on nominations to identify and promote new membership.Provide information to the committee concerning vacancies Work throughout
the year to identify women for leadership roles. Drive golf carts when available at events. Greet attendees and with smile.
Help with hospitality sacks for focus leaders.Attend worship services. Register for Lakeview

No elected officer will hold the same office for more than 4 years except the treasurer who can hold office for 6 years. Tenure on the leadership
team will be limited to total of 8 years.

(Social Action)
Theresa Graham

Learn to work with the District Coordinators to engage members in service and advocacy for justice on National Priority issues. Learn to work closely with district Social Action leaders to plan district-level work on the issues, including district educational events, district-wide research on local concerns and discernment of how to respond locally.

Outreach programs of the United Methodist Church (Education & Interpretation)
Krystal West

The role and the responsibilities of the conference E&I Coordinator is to empower women understand, interpretation participate in the United Methodist Women’s
mission with Women, Youth and children

Creative Ways To Nurture Members & Grow
(Membership, Nurture & Outreach)
Marcie Butcher

Membership, Nurture and Outreach work actively to fulfill
the purpose and find creative ways to nurture current members and cultivate new members. We are Sisters of Grace working together nurturing and doing mission outreach Hoping for the future.We will discuss membership Ideas, UMW yearly census and results. Planning for Fall and Spring Conference meetings. Answering any concerns.

Social Media & The Future of UMW (Communications)
Kennidi Bowsher

Social media and electronics are changing the way UMW operate from National Office to the conference and district levels. Learn different ways to help engage in social media, email blast, websites and more to engage in younger women for the future of UMW. Come join us as we discuss the future of UMW with younger generations and technology.

(Resource Room Management)
Elizabeth Hickerson


Fun trivia game focus group on history & facts of United Methodist Women.

A Bible Study on our scripture Jeremiah 29:11


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